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5 Jun


Lawson Robb
Attention to detail, and the emotion it generates in people, is fundamental to Lawson Robb projects.

Design for Lawson Robb, means extracting the DNA of an idea and seeing what can be developed from it. Each project has its own story to tell. It is the project identity that sets it apart, and the design schemes that are created, are never merged into the uniformity and trends of today. The success of the studio is attributed to the uniqueness of each design and bespoke approach to each project. Good interior design is more than the way things look, it is about how the space is to be used, the person who inhabits it and enhancing the environment.

In the last 15 years, we have been fortunate to design beautiful interiors and exceptional spaces worldwide. Working internationally, the multi-disciplinary team has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of design for bespoke private commissions, super-prime developments and yachts.

The exclusive project portfolio includes ultra-luxurious penthouses, show apartments for prestigious developers and private residences in Europe, USA and Middle East for clients who want to achieve a one of a kind design.

Lawson Robb’s aim is to bring a curated approach to each project, not only in the creation of bespoke furniture but in the selection of lighting, inspiring artworks and decorative accessories both vintage and contemporary. We use interesting materials, quirky shapes and organic textures paired with a neutral colour palette and bold accents of colour.

Rigby & Rigby and Helen Green Design, is a founding member of luxury interior design group Allect International Design Group. All three interior design companies provide the perfect balance between R&D influenced design-development, focused interior design, interior architecture and yacht design. Allect International Design Group is owned by Rigby Group – the multinational, service-based holding company for portfolio of privately owned and highly successful businesses operation across Europe and the Middle East.

Creative Team


Lawson Robb’s Design Director George Wolstenholme, plays a imperative part in the group’s ever-expanding portfolio of Special Projects.
With a Masters in Yacht Design and a collective 10-year experience in the execution of both Superyachts and Ultra-Prime residential properties globally, George’s expertise is in the details and the art of bespoke. Driving the most innovative results across all stages of a project from inception to completion, his sensibilities lie most importantly with creating ‘for’ the client. He believes that cultivating relationships where an end-users lifestyle and ethos align totally with the design process ensures that any and all of the pushed boundaries strike exactly the right note.

George writes “The concept of Phi runs through every vein of this project, the synergy between all professional parties involved, paired with the owner’s brief and his trust in all of us to deliver a design with such freedom has resulted in a limitless scheme, a scheme which we cannot wait to share”.

George is creatively involved across all aspects and brands of Allect, acting as Director for Lawson Robb but also collaborating with Rigby & Rigby and Helen Green on a handful of special projects including partnering with Rigby & Rigby on their new capsule collection, ‘Unknown Editions’.

The Fundamentals

Company Ethos
As a studio we relish opportunities to work on a variety of schemes from contemporary to futuristic, those that call for tradition and those that call for a blend of all of these elements. Each project takes inspiration from the areas and lifestyle that surround it. This fusion is enhanced by a curation of ideas that stem from; a juxtaposition of nature against architecture, the rough and the smooth of natural materials against hand finished surfaces and a playful flourish through art.atemperal

Design Story
To ensure a real depth and narrative within our projects we use a few core ideas. We ensure that on each level there are links between the design details and materials, that consistently speak to the initial concept and the situation of the project. The subtleties of this concepts vary; it could be anything from the textures of the local area being reflected in an artwork to the character of the building informing our palette. Alongside these links we also love to juxtapose, whether curved forms against angular architectural features or textured materials against clean and polished, or both, we feel that the presence of this juxtaposition gives real personality to a project. The attention to detail we apply to the design phase is true for each and every stage of a project from inception to completion and for us it is the key to delivering a fully considered and homogeneous project.

Materials & Details
The play between materials and how they are used in the execution of our design details is of great importance to giving our projects an individual feel. We have a massive appreciation for traditional processes and natural materials and love the tactility and story that these bring, however we also work with some of the best craftsmen of today to deliver products to an extreme level of finish with contemporary detailing. These two concepts can be seen isolated, but also in juxtaposition to one another on the same piece. The rough, the smooth, the organically formed, the precisely cut and finished; can all be seen complimenting each other through metalwork, stones, fabrics, timbers and glass.

Villa amalfi

Lawson Robb have been tasked to re-configure and re-design this 5 bedroom Villa to align with a very discerning client’s requirements and lifestyle. The project calls for a multi-faceted wellness area, multiple family and entertaining areas that incorporate a flexibility to ensure the property feels just as much at home catering for a number of guests as it does catering for more intimate family scenarios.

The brief calls for our signature Curatorial, Atemporal & Considered design style with strong influences of fashion and a very international design style. As well as the aesthetics, we have also been tasked with ensuring that integrated systems offer an optimised and enhanced useability and function for our client.

Proportion – In fashion illustration, one of the foundations of proportion is the ‘9 Heads’ rule. This is that the human form is divisible into 9 equal portions based on the length of the object’s head. This idea of proportion creates the most elegant template by which to inform the cut of garments. This idea is applied to all aspects of the projects interior architectue; whether its the height of a skirting board, the division of a panel or the layout of a ceiling.

The linear – As an extension, the visual of the regimented lines threads in a loom inspire the linear nature of a large portion of our detailing.
Expression – The expression that goes into the creation of a piece is reflected within the curation of the furniture, lighting & decorations of the scheme.
Artisanal vs Precision – In the same way that high-end fashion embodies both artisanal qualities and precision, we will strike the same balance with the design and execution of the projects intricacies.